Co-creation skills for entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, change agents, and activators

In this highly interactive workshop for entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, change agents and activators, you will be introduced to some core co-creation mindsets and behaviours which will help you to bring inspired solutions to the world.

The workshop will cover
  • Creating a safe space for yourself and others to be creative
  • Ways to boost lateral thinking
  • Practising the art of accepting and building on ideas
This workshop is for anyone who works with others to co-create solutions and are looking for practical and proven ways to enhance the quality and engagement of those ideas.

Watch the introduction video here -> https://www.facebook.com/improv.asia/videos/1419587594790358/

Catch all three workshops by Belina

Your instructor: Belina Raffy

U.K.-based applied improv coach Belina Raffy co-founded a global learning adventure which involved hundreds of people in over 14 cities around the world.

She is currently writing a book "Using improv to save the world (and me)". She teaches at the Berlin School of Life the course "How to Change the World".

Find out more about Belina at https://www.maffick.com/#who-is-belina

Questions? Get in touch hello@improv.asia
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Wed Aug 30, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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